We help companies meet their digital goals.

If you have an idea that you’d like to develop, a problem you need help overcoming or a strategic decision you’d like a second opinion on.  We should talk.

Digital Consultancy

Without an agenda or a sales pitch, Kolabo is able to offer the best advice for your company.  We’ve been around the digital block and we stay on top of every aspect of the digital world. 

Whether you need a stand-in CTO or just an experienced shoulder to lean on, we are able to help.  We’re here for as little or as much support as you need.  It just starts with a chat.

Joint Ventures

The best new ideas come from collaboration. You’re an expert in your industry and we’re an expert in delivering digital products.  We have a fantastic track record of working as a partner with companies to deliver innovative and exciting products.

Even if you have no capital for development up-front, if the concept is strong enough we can make it work.  Let’s not let money get in the way of a great thing!

Research & Development

We shouldn’t be afraid to fail, R&D is all about trial and error.  Why create a digital monolith when you’re not even sure the concept will work? With techniques such as rapid prototyping, minimum viable products or even vaporware, you can quickly get to grips with an idea and evaluate if it’s got legs.

Kolabo can explore these techniques with you to figure out which would work best, getting the most bang for your buck.

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